Papers Published from CBMNet Projects

Systems Analyses Reveal the Resilience of Escherichia coli Physiology during Accumulation and Export of the Nonnative Organic Acid Citramalate | JP Webb, V Springthorpe, L Rossoni, D-P Minde, S Langer, H Walker, A Alstrom-Moore, T Larson, K Lilley, G Eastham, G Stephens, GH Thomas, DJ Kelly, J Green | mSystems (2019) – An output of the DETOX Project.

Proteomic Profiling, Transcription Factor Modeling, and Genomics of Evolved Tolerant Strains Elucidate Mechanisms of Vanillin Toxicity in Escherichia coli | CA Pattrick, JP Webb, J Green, RR Chaudhuri, MO Collins, DJ Kelly | mSystems (2019) – An output of the DETOX Project.

Engineering the flagellar type III secretion system: improving capacity for secretion of recombinant protein | CA Green, NS Kamble, EK Court, OJ Bryant, MG Hicks, C Lennon, GM Fraser, PC Wright, GP Stafford | Microbial Cell Factories (2019) – Supported by a CBMNet Business Interaction Voucher and Proof-of-Concept Award.

In silico engineering of Pseudomonas metabolism reveals new biomarkers for increased biosurfactant production | A Occhipinti​, F Eyassu​, TJ Rahman, PKSM Rahman, C Angione | PeerJ (2018) – Supported by a CBMNet Business Interaction Voucher and a Proof-of-Concept Award.

Structural basis of malodour precursor transport in the human axilla | GS Minhas, D Bawdon, R Herman, M Rudden, AP Stone, AG James, GH Thomas, S Newstead | eLIFE (2018) – Supported by a CBMNet Proof-of-Concept Award.

Tripartite ATP-Independent Periplasmic (TRAP) Transporters and Tripartite Tricarboxylate Transporters (TTT): From Uptake to Pathogenicity | LT Rosa, ME Bianconi, GH Thomas, DJ Kelly | Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology (2018) – An output from the CBMNet event “Import and Export of Small Molecules for Biocatalysis” (12-13 September 2017, Edinburgh).

A reconstitution method for integral membrane proteins in hybrid lipid-polymer vesicles for enhanced functional durability | R Seneviratne, S Khan, E Moscrop, M Rappolt, SP Muench, LJC Jeuken, PA Beales | Methods (2018) – Supported by a CBMNet Vacation Scholarship.

Part by part: synthetic biology parts used in solventogenic Clostridia | IS Gyulev, BJ Willson, RC Hennessy, P Krabben, ER Jenkinson, GH Thomas | ACS Synthetic Biology (2018) – An output of the DETOX Project.

General calibration of microbial growth in microplate readers | K Stevenson, AF McVey, IBN Clark, PS Swain, T Pilizota | Scientific Reports (2016) – Reference to a CBMNet Vacation Scholarship and Proof-of-Concept Award.

Dynamics of Escherichia coli’s passive response to a sudden decrease in external osmolarity | R Buda, Y Liu, J Yang, S Hegde, K Stevenson, F Bai, T Pilizota | PNAS (2016) – Reference to a CBMNet Vacation Scholarship and Proof-of-Concept Award.

Biosurfactants – E-book (Frontiers in Microbiology) | PKSM Rahman | Microbiotechnology Based Surfactants and their Applications (2015) – Reference to CBMNet funded Proof-of-Concept Award.


External Funding Secured from CBMNet Activities

BBSRC IB Catalyst Awards:

Project DETOX: Professor Gavin Thomas, University of York

ConBioChem: Professor Gill Stephens, University of Nottingham

European Research Area Cofund on Biotechnologies (ERA CoBioTech):

MeMBrane (MEmbrane Modulation for BiopRocess enhANcEment): Dr Alan Goddard, Aston University

Innovate UK Awards

ReAlChem (Manufacture of renewable alternative chemicals by clostridial fermentation): Green Biologics

Sweet Perspex: Lucite, Ingenza & the University of Nottingham

BBSRC ‘Stand-alone’ LINK Awards:

Professor Gavin Thomas, University of York

Professor Dan Mulvihill, University of Kent


15 PhD Studentships; International Partnering Award; IBioIC Accelerator Award; Grants for training events and international workshops


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