2015 – JANUARY: Exploiting Efflux Pumps for Industrial Biotechnology

20-21 January 2015 | Sheffield, UK


“Following an initial meeting with Douglas at this CBMNet event, it was clear that his systems biology lab was well placed to look into the question of flux control via transporters. The first question in such an endeavour is to find the actual actors, and this was carried out most effectively. We also enjoyed learning about the latest tools for genomics and genome-based network modelling. The insights gained from this BIV will prove invaluable in future work.”

Dr Doug Cossar, Croda

23 CBMNet members attended the CBMNet ‘Exploiting Efflux Pumps for Industrial Biotechnology’ in January 2015 at The University of Sheffield. Of the attendees, 20% were from industry and 80% academics.

The aim of this meeting was to bring together academic experts in cell efflux mechanisms alongside industry scientists who are working in industrial biotechnology (IB) in order to explore whether exporters and efflux pumps could be exploited within novel IB applications.

The event kicked off with presentations from academics, followed by presentations from industry. This was then followed by a dinner where networking took place and exciting novel research ideas developed. The second day saw ideas for projects develop in to potential applications for Proof-of-Concept funding and Business Interaction Voucher applications.

Within a couple of weeks of the Efflux Meeting, Professor Doug Kell (University of Manchester) and Dr Doug Cossar (Croda) submitted an application for a CBMNet-funded Business Interaction Voucher (BIV) looking into both substrate uptake and product export, in association with a new biotechnology process being developed at Croda. This BIV application was successful and a report from this project can be seen here.

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