2019 – APRIL: 2nd UK Workshop on Membrane Proteins


A Biochemical Society Training Event | 3 – 5 April 2019 | University of Leeds


Following on from the previous successful training event at Aston University, CBMNet sponsored a follow-up Biochemical Society training event in Leeds. The ‘second UK Workshop on Membrane Proteins’ was held at the University of Leeds on 3 – 5 April 2019. CBMNet would like to thank the organisers Lars Jeuken and Steve Muench (University of Leeds) and Alan Goddard (Aston University) for doing a great job of planning this meeting. Special thanks go to the trainers who did an excellent job of delivering the lectures and practicals:

  • Alan Goddard, Aston University
  • Alice Rothnie, Aston University
  • Antreas Kalli, University of Leeds
  • Bonnie Wallace, Birkbeck College
  • Christos Pliotas, University of Leeds
  • Corinne Spickett, Aston University
  • Frank Sobott, University of Leeds
  • Maren Thomsen, University of Leeds
  • Naomi Pollock, University of Birmingham
  • Paul Beales, University of Leeds
  • Rebecca Thompson, University of Leeds
  • Steve Muench, University of Leeds
  • Vincent Postis, Leeds Beckett University

Topics covered during the workshop included techniques for solubilisation of membrane proteins, such as SMALPs and nanodiscs; structural biology methods, including cryo-EM and crystallography; and the biophysical characterisation of membrane proteins. The event was very practical in focus and included daily practical sessions in addition to lectures. The organisers would like to thank the participants for engaging in all these aspects of the workshop and creating a truly interactive training event with lots of networking opportunities.

The two workshops have proved a big success and the organisers are keen to make a practical workshop on membrane proteins a regular, annual event. If you would be interested in participating in this event in the future, keep up to date with the Biochemical Society on their event webpage and by Twitter. Although CBMNet will no longer be here to sponsor any future events, we are pleased to have been instrumental in initiating such a successful workshop and we hope it runs for many years to come.

“I found overall event as a very helpful for my actual research. Definitely it opened new perspectives in terms of methodology and research directions. Generally the whole event was very well organized and I can easily recommended to everybody who is beginner in the field of protein biology as me.”

Exciting and very stimulating event. Excellent environment and venue. Great facilities and quality of all speakers. Wide coverage of methods, focused on membrane proteins. Great mix of early career and more established group leaders and experts.”