June: Joint Network IB Careers Fair

April: Industrial Biotechnology at the Cell Membrane

April: 2nd UK Workshop on Membrane Proteins


September: Industrial biotechnology innovation in Wales: BBSRC NIBB Workshop

July: Experimental Techniques for Studying Proteins and Lipids in Biological Membranes

March: Introduction to Industrial Biotechnology – Short Course


December: Factories for Advanced Biomanufacturing

September: Improved Glycoform-Based Biopharmaceutical Production in Plants

September: Import and Export of Small Molecules for Biocatalysis

August: Exploiting Algae and Marine Biomass for Industrial Biotechnology and Bioenergy

July: International IBBE and Synthetic Biology Networking Event with CSIRO

June: Nanoparticle Technologies for Membrane Protein Research

June: Membrane Engineering of Lipids and Proteins for Industrial Biotechnology and Bioenergy

April: Industrial Biotechnology and Bioenergy Careers Fair


December: Social and Political Challenges for the Bioeconomy

November: Introduction to Industrial Biotechnology – Short Course

September: Festival of the Mind – Biomembrane

September: Festival of the Mind – Fear of the Unseen: Engineering Good Bacteria

September: Early Career Researcher Event

July: Overcoming Cellular Barriers: Implications for Industrial Biotechnology

June: Croda – Membrane Transporters as Critical Components for Bioprocessing

May: Beyond the Lab: Developing Your Industrial Biotechnology Career

March: Membrane Transporters in Industrial Biotechnology and Bioenergy


September: Cell Membrane Stress, Integrity and Engineering

January: Exploiting Efflux Pumps for Industrial Biotechnology


September: CBMNet 1st Annual Meeting