Examining the potential for periplasmic volume manipulation and its influence on Sec and FT3SS based protein production
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Protein-mediated transport across hybrid lipid-block copolymer membranes

Market Analysis of the IBBE Sector: Relevant areas to Project DETOX
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Vitamin B12 into Yeast

Functional characterisation of a putative succinate efflux pump from Corynebacterium glutamicum

Durable vesicles for stabilisation of membrane proteins in biotechnology

Membrane stability models in the presence of methacrylate esters

Bacterial mimicking liposomes

Modelling of multi-factorial solvent stress on membranes

Designing a new coat for E. coli

Efflux from bacteria of feedstocks for industrial manufacture

The function of the aromatic acid transporter VanK

Optimal expression attenuation of membrane transporter proteins

Development of a novel technique to characterise membrane transport and its application to metal transport

Enhancing industrial succinate production in Corynebacterium glutamicum

Understanding the production of biologic drugs made using bacteria