Membrane Proteins From A to Z

Arthur Neuberger, University of Cambridge

We sponsored Arthur Neuberger to present his poster ‘Molecular Defence Mechanisms In Bullet-Proof Microbial Killers: On the role of multidrug resistance-causing efflux pumps in bacteria – and a tale of a hidden “Janus” amongst substrates for the multidrug efflux pump LmrP’.

“I would like to thank CBMNet for the great opportunity to attend and be part of this rather extraordinary meeting”


Ibrahim Yaseen, University of SheffieldUniversity of Sheffield logo

We sponsored Ibrahim to present his poster ‘Challenges in Tetraspanin Characterisation: Novel mAbs Against The Native Form of Tspan2′.

“I feel my attending and contribution to this symposium was successful, and it gave the opportunity to communicate and share knowledge with the academics and the attendees”