We have funded several Early Career Researchers to attend conferences and events – see below for more details…


EFB Microbial Stress Meeting

Cork, Ireland | April 2018

Arthur Neuberger, University of Cambridge & Aidan Taylor, University of Sheffield

The Artificial Cell: biology-inspired compartmentalisation of chemical function

Newport Pagnell, Buckinghamshire | February 2018

Rashmi Seneviratne, University of Leeds; Andrew Booth, University of Leeds; Daniel Mitchell, University of Sheffield

Membrane Transporters for Industrial Biotechnology and Bioenergy

Liverpool | March 2016

Laurence Humphrey, ReBio Technologies

Membrane Proteins From A to Z

Leeds | December 2015

Arthur Neuberger, University of Cambridge & Ibrahim Yaseen, University of Leeds

CBMNet helps shape career of budding scientist

Alan Goddard, University of Lincoln