The Team

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Professor Jeff Green, The University of Sheffield – Project LeadJeff

Jeff has more than 25 years’ experience of studying microbial biochemistry and physiology, having published over 100 papers and reviews. His collaborative work with colleagues at UEA, University of Georgia and Sheffield has revealed an almost complete picture of the mechanism of O2-sensing by the transcription factor FNR and the recent application of ‘systems’ approaches (European SysMO-SUMO project in which he acts as deputy co-ordinator) to investigate the effects of O2 availability on E. coli is revealing new mechanistic insights into gene regulation. He is a CI on a White Rose Industrial Biotechnology PhD network “Teaching bacteria to eat grass” and serves on the management board of the White-Rose BBSRC Doctoral Training Partnership and the editorial board of Biotechnol Lett.

Professor Gavin Thomasgavin, The University of York – Project Lead

Gavin has over 15 years of experience studying the function of microbial transport proteins and has published over 50 papers and reviews. His research focuses on the application of transporters to IBBE, e.g. transport of odour precursor molecules in underarm bacteria (with Unilever) and oligosaccharide transport for improved utilisation of lignocellulose for biofuel production (BBSRC and TSB with Green Biologics Limited). He is also a PI on a White Rose PhD network “Teaching bacteria to eat grass”, where two of the projects are centred on engineering improved transporter capabilities. He has extensive experience of using structural, biochemical, physiological and genetic methods to understand transporter function, and has an international reputation in bacterial transporter research, having made major advances in studying the function and mechanism of tripartite ATP-independent periplasmic (TRAP) transporters.

Dr Janet Cronshaw, The University of Sheffield – Network Manager

Janet’s career interests have centred largely on the Nuclear Pore Complex (NPC) and how molecules move into and out of the nucleus. Following a PhD at the University of Manchester, her subsequent post-doctoral research at Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore led to the definition of the molecular composition of the mammalian NPC for the first time. She then expanded her research interests to cover mRNA export, RNA-binding proteins and DNA repair at CRUK’s London Research Institute and as a Daphne Jackson Fellow at the University of Sheffield. After a period of teaching in the Department of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, she has taken over from Jen Vanderhoven as the Network Manager of CBMNet. To contact Janet: | +44 (0)114 222 2745