What our members say

“This NIBB has turned out to be one of the most exciting networks – opening up a whole new landscape with rich potential for addressing issues of which we have been blissfully ignorant.”

Doug Cossar, Croda

“The funding awarded by CBMNet will provide an exciting opportunity for our lab to continue industrially-relevant collaborations with Green Biologics Limited. The award will benefit the work of Green Biologics Limited as well as provide new opportunities for researchers here at Lincoln. I hope that our partnership will continue to develop based on the findings of this work.”

Dr Alan Goddard, University of Lincoln

“One of the key challenges for competitive IB is to understand the metabolic impact of product and intermediates accumulation arising from novel inserted synthetic pathways.  This project starts to build out the necessary toolbox required for the early characterisation, selection and engineering of the optimum host/constructs necessary for viable production processes. We therefore applaud The University of Sheffield’s focus in this area and will continue to be supportive of these initiatives.”

Rob Mitra, The Centre for Process Innovation

“The outcome of this project was one of the foundations for the successful BBSRC IB Catalyst DeTOX bid worth several million pounds. Green Biologics are looking forward to working with the academic community over the next five years. It is with great pleasure that the wider UK academic community has recognised Clostridia as an important industrial microbe and hopefully this will lead to a dynamic and vibrant community.”

Dr Preben Krabben, Green Biologics Ltd.

“The opportunity to examine the cellular behaviour of biologic production strains during a production run has been very exciting, allowing us to learn something about the bacteria but also the processes and considerations taken into account by a top CMO, like Fujifilm Diosynth Biotechnologies.”

Dr Graham Stafford, University of Sheffield

“Funding offered by CBMNet has enabled Fujifilm Diosynth Biotechnologies and the Pilizota lab at The University of Edinburgh to carry out translational research based on the academic lab’s recent findings. CBMNet has helped inform the Pilizota lab on the challenges faced by the industry and has given Fujifilm access to the latest research findings that would not be translated without this interaction through the network.”

Dr Teuta Pilizota, University of Edinburgh

“Funding offered by CBMNet has enabled Croda and Kell’s lab to carry out translational research based on the academic lab’s expertise in transporter and metabolic network biology. CBMNet allowed the Kell lab to be exposed to these very interesting organisms and industrial challenges. This collaboration would not have been initiated without the CBMNetwork.”

Prof Douglas Kell, University of Manchester

“With the help of a CBMNet Business Interaction Voucher we have been able to start working with the Goddard lab on artificial and reconstituted plasma-membrane. This system has helped us better understand various aspects of butanol toxicity. I hope we can strengthen the collaboration and this will allow us to improve the renewable process for nbutanol production.”

Dr. Preben Krabben, Green Biologics Ltd

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