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The role of microbiology in achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

To mark its 75th anniversary, the Microbiology Society is embarking on an ambitious project focusing on how microbiology can help to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs). The UN SDGs are a collection of 17 goals that were adopted by all Member States of the UN in September 2015. They aim to address crucial economic, social and environmental challenges and promote a better and more sustainable future for all. Read more

Second Life Sciences Sector Deal Published

In August 2017, a coalition of industry and charity partners, led by Professor Sir John Bell, published a report into the life sciences industry – Life Sciences: Industrial Strategy – setting out recommendations for the UK life sciences industry. The report outlined the significant competitive advantages the UK possesses, as well as areas where key developments could fix issues which have slowed down growth. In response to this report, the government published the first Life Sciences Sector Deal, a key component of the Industrial Strategy. Read more

Biorefining Potential for Scotland, A new report from Zero Waste Scotland

In 2015, Scottish Enterprise published “The Biorefinery Roadmap for Scotland” on behalf of the Scottish Industrial Biotechnology Development Group (SIBDG), which sets out the key actions required to identify the barriers and risks faced by companies and potential investors to enable the more established biorefinery technologies. The Roadmap aims to increase industrial biotechnology turnover to £900 million by 2025. Read more

Government Publishes paper on ‘Collaboration on science and innovation: A Future Partnership Paper’

The United Kingdom wants to build a new, deep and special partnership with the European Union. This paper is part of a series setting out key issues which form part of the Government’s vision for that partnership, and which will explore how the UK and the EU, working together, can make this a reality.

Each paper will reflect the engagement the Government has sought from external parties with expertise in these policy areas, and will draw on the very extensive work undertaken across Government since last year’s referendum. Taken together, these papers are an essential step towards building a new partnership to promote our shared interests and values.

Read the paper here.

Industrial Strategy Green Paper Launched

Industrial Strategy Green Paper

The Government has launched its green paper on the Industrial Strategy – “Building our Industrial Strategy” – available here. The paper contains a set of proposals that will impact upon research and development in the UK, and an invitation to contribute to their continued development.

The Industrial Strategy is still very much in the consultation stage, so we would encourage you look through the paper and respond where appropriate (details on how to respond can be found on page 8 of the paper).

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