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The Alliance of Open Access Biorefining Centres

BioPilotsUK is a collaboration created by five established biorefining open-access centres who recognise the importance of partnerships to develop UK bio-based value chains. Together, we de-risk the commercialisation of bio-based products and processes by trialling new technologies to ensure our partners are investing in the right technologies for their business.

Our vision

The UK as a global leader in biorefining technology development and bio-based product manufacture within a sustainable high-value bioeconomy.

Our mission

  • Provide a stable, integrated, cost-effective pilot and process development service linked to the higher education (HE) sector for the benefit of bio-based industries and the bioeconomy
  • Work collectively and internationally to increase knowledge and capabilities in biorefining and industrial biotechnology (IB)
  • Nurture the development of SMEs and larger companies to support the growth of bio-based value chains

Who’s Involved?

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We are pleased to announce that The University of Lincoln have been awarded a CBMNet Industry-Academic Exchange Grant.

Through a number of CBMNet-funded projects with Green Biologics Ltd, The University of Lincoln have been investigating the toxic effects of n-butanol production on lipid bilayers, which is extremely detrimental to a key biotechnology/bioenergy process.

The grant will be used to allow Peter Sanderson from The University of Lincoln to travel to Sweden and to work with Insplorion, who have developed nanoplasmonic sensing (NPS) technology based upon localised surface plasmon resonance (LSPR), to examine n-butanol membrane interactions in Clostridium. This will allow them to more accurately determine the mechanism of disruption by n-butanol.

NPS is a relatively new technology and not well-established in the UK. Insplorion have a wealth of experience which will be useful to fine-tune the system to The University of Lincoln’s requirements.

Our Industrial-Academic Exchange Grants are to support the development of new teams to transfer knowledge from academia to industry and vice versa. For example, grants can be used for a CBMNet member to visit another member or for CBMNet members to accompany a specialist to a conference.

For more information please see http://cbmnetnibb.group.shef.ac.uk/funding/industrial-academic-exchange-grants/

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