Thierry de Lumley – The CoSMo Company


Development Director

What is your background and current job role?

My background is essentially technical, I graduated from Ecole Normale Supérieure de Chimie de Lille (MSc), a French engineering school and I received a PhD from the Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Texas in Austin. I pursued a career in academia at the Center for Protein Engineering at the University of Cambridge, UK before joining the R&D department of Corning inc. I am currently the chief business development officer for The CoSMo Company, a fast growing FrenchTech start-up, based in Lyon, France and the Silicon Valley. CoSMo stands for complex systems modelling. The Company builds revolutionary software applications to help companies deal with their digital transformation with a focus on the design and operation of their complex interconnected systems.

Over the last years CoSMo has been developing game changing applications in the field of energy, pandemics and bioproduction based on the world first systemic modelling and simulation platform for industries. We strive to make sense out of the dramatic increase of complexity of our world combined with the explosion of Big Data.

What Industrial Biotechnology and Bioenergy (IBBE) related project is currently being undertaken by your organisation?

CoSMo is involved with several projects in the field of biopharmaceuticals production with leading pharmaceutical companies.

For example CELLPAT a government funded project aims at managing and controlling bioproduction processes in the areas of cell culture and production of molecules and viral particles. This approach is part of the initiatives “Process Analytical Technology” and “Quality By Design” encouraged by Health authorities. CELLPAT will allow continuous monitoring of a large number of parameters. Computer models, incorporating these physical and biochemical parameters and dynamic simulation of the process will result in an increase in the management and control of the online processes. The developed tools will have further applications in other areas such as diagnostics, fermentation, food, biofuel, purification and formulation.

Other project involves the simulation of various cell types production (mammalian and bacteria) in a wide range of cell culture media to optimise biomass production and target protein production. For these CoSMo has used dFBA approaches and couples them with a macroscopic approach of CFD to couple biology of the cells with the physical-chemistry of the reactor in the simulation.

What do you think the challenges related to this project are in the next 1-5 years?

One of the main challenges is to get a clear understanding of the metabolic pathways specifically on more confidential cell types that are the preferred choice of the industry but for which little knowledge is available in the literature. Another challenge is to develop an approach that can be as generic as possible to limit specific in-silico development on each new culture.

How can other CBMNet members help you and your organisation with your research?

The CoSMo Company is a software editor and rely on partners to co-develop generic application in various fields. CoSMo bring a strong background in complex systems modelling and a unique development platform, CBMNet could provide the biological expertise, the mechanism description and the data needed to calibrate and validate the models.


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