Alexandros Chatgilialoglu – Remembrane

Co-founder & CEO

What is your background and current job role?

In 2010 I co-founded Remembrane Srl, of which I am CEO and I am in charge of business development, strategy and sales. Remembrane focuses on membrane lipidomics of in-vitro cultures by developing customized in-vitro lipid supplementation in order to address major culturing issues or boost specific bioprocesses.

I obtained a PhD in Experimental Pathology at the University of Bologna, Italy, on membrane lipidomics of in vitro cultures. I gained international experience at the Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, Canada and in Silicon Valley, California, USA, where I was awarded the Certificate in Technology Entrepreneurship at Santa Clara University through a Fulbright fellowship. I experienced the start-up life launch and operations at Lipinutragen Srl, a spin-off company of the National Research Council of Bologna, and at SiteOne Therapeutics Inc., a Stanford-based pharmaceutical company. I obtained a Master in Business Administration at Bologna Alma Business School in 2015.

What Industrial Biotechnology and Bioenergy (IBBE) related project is currently being undertaken by your organisation?

Remembrane leads the cell culture technology a step foward, by envisaging the cell membrane network and its lipid composition as a cornerstone of cell physiology. Our current research work is aiming at ameliorating the production process and/or increase the yields of industrial bioproducts such as proteins, viruses, cells, APIs. With this purpose, we have developed customised lipid supplements, called Refeed, able to improve specific biological parameters of cells relevant to industrial bioprocesses.

Our customized lipid supplements are suitable for any in-vitro protocol and cell culture system, ranging from flasks to bioreactors. Targets of our lipid supplements can go from simple microbes such as bacteria and yeasts, to complex insect, plant and mammalian cells. Our supplements can be animal-free, fully synthetic, GMP-grade. Remembrane is fully flexible, with excellent experience and track record, and with a valuable internal database on multiple cell culture systems.

What do you think the challenges related to this project are in the next 1-5 years?

In the next few years Remembrane’s objective is to obtain multiple proof of concepts in different applications of industrial biotechnology. In particular, the supplementation of a multitude of different cell types for the production of a wide variety of relevant bioproducts will be the target of our efforts and collaborations. Moreover, another key challenge will be to standardise our supplement formulations, in order to be able to use them for a cluster of similar applications; this will facilitate the commercialisation of our Refeed products in many different fields of industrial biotechnology.

How can other CBMNet members help you and your organisation with your research?

We are constantly looking for collaborations that will help us in testing our technology on new bioproduction processes, such as new cell types and/or new bioproducts. Therefore, any CBMNet member who is interested in should feel free to contact us to explore new ideas for collaboration. We also welcome the opportunity to explore joint grant applications.

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