Partnering Opportunities with Freeland Horticulture – Worksop & Wales

About Freeland Horticulture Ltd.

Freeland Horticulture Ltd. is the largest soil supplier in England and Wales, operating out of nine soil sites supplying over 400,000 m³ of topsoil in both loose and bulk bags every year. Freeland has been supplying the landscape and housing market since 1993 and has its own in-house soil scientists.

Partnering Opportunities


We have a potential site at the planning stages, with the potential to provide significant amounts of heat (approximately 16MWt of hot water at 70-90°C). We would like to find partners who would locate on the same site in Worksop, Nottinghamshire with the view to a long-term partnership using this available heat.


We are interested in finding partners that will provide growing expertise for cultivation of high value plants/products in elevated COconditions in the Welsh uplands. The sites will need to consider from an economic prospective initially, and we are hoping to find partners who can provide experience and route to market. These will be small sites and ultimately feeding materials to a central hub.

Who to contact…

Dr Andrew Goddard:

Freeland Horticulture Ltd., Wroot Road Quarry, Wroot Road, Finningley, Doncaster, DN9 3DU

01302 770500 | 07557 044675 |

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