Here you can see some of the projects we have funded so far.

“Proof of concept funding offered by CBMNet has enabled Fujifilm Diosynth Biotechnologies and the Pilizota lab at The University of Edinburgh to carry out translational research based on the academic lab’s recent findings. CBMNet has helped inform the Pilizota lab on the challenges faced by the industry and has given Fujifilm access to the latest research findings that would not be translated without this interaction through the network”

Dr Teuta Pilizota, The University of Edinburgh

Following an initial meeting with Douglas at a CBMNet event, it was clear that his systems biology lab was well placed to look into the question of flux control via transporters. The first question in such an endeavour is to find the actual actors, and this was carried out most effectively. We also enjoyed learning about the latest tools for genomics and genome-based network modelling. The insights gained from this BIV will prove invaluable in future work

Dr Doug Cossar, Croda

FundingProjectUniversityIndustryUseful Links
Vacation ScholarshipUsing E. coli turgor pressure regulation to optimize product excretionUniversity of EdinburghCase study
Proof of ConceptEffect of oxygen availability on export of citramalate by E. coliUniversity of NottinghamLucite
Proof of ConceptA novel screen for product molecule compatibility with the production cell that accounts for intracellular toxicityUniversity of SheffieldCPI
Case study
Business Interaction VoucherEvolution of butanol resistance in Escherichia coliUniversity of YorkGreen BiologicsCase study
Business Interaction VoucherN-butanol interactions with biological membranesUniversity of LincolnGreen BiologicsCase study
Proof of ConceptTowards an integrated multi-omic assessment of membrane responses during industrially relevant high level protein production and secretionUniversity of SheffieldFujifilm DiosynthCase study
Proof of ConceptUsing E. coli turgor pressure regulation to optimize product excretion and prevent unwanted cytoplasmic leakageUniversity of EdinburghFujifilm DiosynthCase Study
Proof of ConceptIdentification of malodour precursor transporter inhibitors using chemical & structural biologyUniversity of YorkUnileverCase Study
Business Interaction VoucherTransporter systems for fatty acids in a glycolipid-producing yeastUniversity of ManchesterCrodaCase study
Vacation ScholarshipEnhancing industrial succinate production in Corynebacterium glutamicumStrathclyde Universityn/aCase study
Vacation ScholarshipDevelopment of a novel technique to characterise membrane transport and its application to metal transportUniversity of Leedsn/aCase study
Vacation ScholarshipOptimal expression attenuation of membrane transporter proteinsUniversity of Manchestern/aCase study
Vacation ScholarshipThe function of the aromatic acid transporter VanKUniversity of Bristoln/aCase study
Vacation ScholarshipCharacterisation of membrane transport by a novel family of efflux proteinsUniversity of Leedsn/aCase study
Vacation ScholarshipDesigning a new coat for E. coliUniversity of Readingn/aCase study
Business Interaction VoucherEvaluation of recombinant enzyme production extra-cellularly in Bacillus subtilus Newcastle UniversityBiocatalysts LtdCase study
Business Interaction VoucherSolid state NMR analysis of lipid/surfactant interactions University of Nottingham Croda Europe Ltd
Proof of ConceptPlants as Nanoparticle ProducersUniversity of YorkTeeGene Biotech
Johnson Matthey
Case study
Proof of ConceptIdentifying and characterising protective lipid changes under solventogenic stressUniversity of LincolnGreen BiologicsCase study
Business Interaction VoucherAcoustical modifications to increase recombinant glycoprotein expression from engineered E. coli cellsUniversity of SheffieldCelbius
Business Interaction VoucherIn vitro and in silico models of n-butanol membrane interactionsUniversity of LincolnGreen BiologicsCase study
Early Career Researcher GrantGrant to pay for an early career researchers to attend “'Membrane Proteins From A to Z" SymposiumUniversity of CambridgeCase study
Early Career Researcher GrantGrant to pay for an early career researchers to attend “'Membrane Proteins From A to Z SymposiumUniversity of SheffieldCase study
Early Career Researcher GrantGrant to attend Industrial Biotechnology: Biocatalysis through Synthetic Biology CourseUniversity of Sheffield
Early Career Researcher GrantGrant to attend Industrial Biotechnology: Biocatalysis through Synthetic Biology CourseUniversity of Sheffield
Early Career Researcher GrantGrant to attend Eco-Bio 2016 conferenceUniversity of Bath
Business Interaction VoucherProduction of review article: ''Resistance of microorganisms to toxic chemical bio-products''University of NottinghamGreen Biologics
Johnson Matthey
Business Interaction VoucherFlow cytometry assay development for industrial biotechnology plastic productionUniversity of EdinburghIngenzaCase study
Public Engagement GrantSchool debate: how should we use our resources?University of LincolnCase study
Business Interaction VoucherLowering the disulphide load in the periplasm of E. coli cell factoriesUniversity of KentFujiFilm Diosynth BiotechnologiesCase study
Proof of Concept Identification of Membrane Transporters of Lignin monomersUniversity of ManchesterCPI
Oxford Biotrans
Case study
Proof of Concept Engineering Exosome Production by CHO CellsUniversity of SheffieldUCB Pharma
Business Interaction VoucherEngineering E. coli for enhanced production of antibody fragmentsUniversity of KentFujiFilm Diosynth BiotechnologiesCase study
Proof of ConceptA potent synthetic biology strategy for increasing transporter-mediated terpenoid efflux from E. coliUniversity of ManchesterCrodaCase study
Early Career Researcher GrantTravel to CBMNet conference at Microbiology Society Annual MeetingUniversity of Sussex
Business Interaction VoucherReplacing osmotic downshocks with upshocks for periplasmic protein extractionUniversity of EdinburghFujiFilm Diosynth Biotechnologies
Vacation ScholarshipBacterial mimicking liposomesUniversity of BristolProcter and Gamble
Vacation Scholarshiphe role of HMA and COPT proteins in trans membrane movement of palladium University of York
Vacation ScholarshipAn enhanced platform for translocation of biotherapeutics to the E. coli periplasmUniversity of Kent
Vacation ScholarshipModelling of multifactorial solvent stress on membranesUniversity of LincolnCase study
Vacation ScholarshipMembrane stability models in the presence of methacrylate estersUniversity of NottinghamCase study
Vacation ScholarshipInvestigating the role of periplasmic and transmembrane domains of mechanosensitive channels in E.coli membrane integrityUniversity of Aberdeen
Business Interaction VoucherBioinformatic-Based Design of Engineering Strategies to Increase CHO Cell Biomass Accumulation RateUniversity of SheffieldLonzaCase study
Business Interaction VoucherCondition-specific engineering of Pseudomonas metabolismUniversity of SheffieldTeeGene BiotechCase study
Vacation ScholarshipConstruction of glucose transporter mutants of Clostridium beijerinckiiUniversity of Surrey
Business Interaction VoucherInvestigation into the effect of increased cytoplasmic membrane invaginations on secretion during industrial fermentation systems.University of KentFujiFilm Diosynth Biotechnologies
Business Interaction VoucherInvestigation of effect of recombinant outer membrane vesicle production on secretion in industrial fermentation systems. University of KentFujiFilm Diosynth BiotechnologiesCase study
Business Interaction VoucherTesting a prototype engineered bacterial flagella Type III Secretion System for ‘true’ protein secretion in biotechnology - a Proof of Concept studyUniversity of SheffieldFujiFilm Diosynth BiotechnologiesCase study
Business Interaction VoucherEfflux from bacteria of feedstocks for industrial manufactureUniversity of LeedsLuciteCase study
Business Interaction VoucherOptimization of influenza vaccine manufacturing through modification of cellular membrane organization.University of KentMatTek CorporationCase study
Business Interaction VoucherDevelopment of Clostridium saccharoperbutylacetonicum transposon mutagenesisUniversity of SheffieldGreen BiologicsCase study
Business Interaction VoucherSMALP technology: unlocking membrane proteins for drug discoveryUniversity of BirminghamMedimmuneCase study
Early Career Researcher GrantProtein secretion in bacteria conferenceUniversity of Bath
Early Career Researcher GrantPresenting at "Multi-Drug Efflux Systems" - Gordon Research Conference and Seminar in Galveston (Texas, USA) in March 2017University of Cambridge
Business Interaction VoucherMembrane stability and disruption by chimeric antimicrobial peptides University of NottinghamDuPont
Business Interaction VoucherMolecular structures and interactions of bacterial outer membranes: Rational antimicrobrial agent design in personal care product formulationUniversity of BristolProcter and GambleCase study
Proof of Concept Viral antigen production for diagnosis and vaccine-mediated disease prevention by rational glycoengineering-mediated protein secretion in a mammalian cell factoryUniversity of SheffieldExcivion
Proof of Concept L-Form technologiesNewcastle UniversityIngenza
Vacation ScholarshipFunctional characterisation of a putative succinate efflux pump from Corynebacterium glutamicum.University of KentCase study
Vacation ScholarshipVitamin B12 into yeastUniversity of KentCase study
Vacation ScholarshipDurable vesicles for stabilisation of membrane proteins in biotechnologyUniversity of LeedsCase study
Proof of Concept Interactions between mimetic bacterial membranesUniversity of BristolProcter and Gamble
Public Engagement GrantOxford Science Festivaln/aGreen BiologicsCase study
ISCF IB Catalyst Proof-of-Concept Optimizing membrane function in the Clostridial ABE processAston UniverstyGreen Biologics
ISCF IB Catalyst Proof-of-Concept Bioenergy production from biorefineries waste using super yeastsLeeds Beckett UniversityEnglish Spirit Distillery
ISCF IB Catalyst Proof-of-Concept Use of Membrane complexes for the production of microalgal polysaccharidesUniversity of SheffieldGlycoMar
Proof of ConceptSmuggling commercially important, but toxic and/or impermeant, alcohol substrates into bacteria as covert covalent complexesUniversity of LeedsLucite
Vacation ScholarshipPurification of membrane transporters to identify topology and binding sites by mass spectrometryUniversity of Nottingham
Vacation ScholarshipMarket Analysis of the IBBE Sector: Relevant areas to Project DeToX
University of Sheffield
Early Career Researcher GrantEFB Microbial Stress Meeting, Cork, Ireland, April 2018University of Cambridge
Early Career Researcher GrantEFB Microbial Stress Meeting, Cork, Ireland, April 2018University of Sheffield
Early Career Researcher GrantMaterial properties of hybrid lipid co-block polymer vesicles and incorporation of membrane proteins within these structures for robust applications in bionanotechnologyUniversity of Leeds
Early Career Researcher GrantESCRT-III proteins as a toolkit for compartmentalization in phospholipid vesicles
University of Leeds
ISCF IB Catalyst Early Stage Feasibility ProjectRegulation of methacrylate tolerance in E. coliUniversity of NottinghamLucite
ISCF IB Catalyst Early Stage Feasibility ProjectMembrane selectivity and receptor recognition by chimeric antimicrobial peptides University of NottinghamDuPont
ISCF IB Catalyst Early Stage Feasibility ProjectDetoxification of cyclic monoterpene alcohols by selective esterificationUniversity of BathIsobionics
ISCF IB Catalyst Early Stage Feasibility ProjectIn silico genome-wide modelling and metabolic engineering of Pseudomonas strains for improved rhamnolipid synthesis
Teesside UniversityTeeGene Biotech
ISCF IB Catalyst Early Stage Feasibility ProjectDevelopment of novel bacterial strains for production of hydrophobic compounds
University of StrathclydeIngenza
ISCF IB Catalyst Early Stage Feasibility ProjectMetabolic Engineering of Yarrowia lipolytica for Co-production of Xylitol and Lipids Fuels using Industrial Waste
Cranfield UniversitySERE-Tech Innovation
ISCF IB Catalyst Early Stage Feasibility ProjectTouchy Feely GM Algae
Plymouth Marine LaboratoryAlgenuity
Vacation ScholarshipExamining the potential for periplasmic volume manipulation and it’s influence on Sec and FT3SS based protein productionUniversity of SheffieldFujifilm Diosynth Biotechnologies
Vacation ScholarshipProtein-mediated transport across hybrid lipid- block copolymer membranes
University of Leeds
Early Career Researcher GrantTravel funding for Metabolic Engineering 12
Business Interaction VoucherHeterologous expression of biosurfactant transporters in Debaryomyces hanseniiUniversity of SheffieldCroda