Communication and public engagement is at the heart of CBMNet

For our network, public engagement involves dialogue, interaction and participation, drawing in researchers and non-academics. It is as much, or more, about listening to the views and values of others as it is about offering your view. Our public engagement includes public dialogue, two-way discussions around an area of research or an issue with the aim of informing research direction, policies or strategy. It also includes public attitude studies and consultation – opinion gathering to help understand public views, values and attitudes around an area of research. Finally, our public engagement may take the form of collaborative partnerships where researchers and non-academics work together to develop a shared understanding and design and implement a research programme.

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Sheffield | September 2016

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Sheffield | September 2016

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Sheffield | March 2015

We have also fostered public engagement via grants to our members; read the case studies here…

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Oxford | July 2016

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