In silico genome-wide modelling and metabolic engineering of Pseudomonas strains for improved rhamnolipid synthesis


Touchy Feely GM Algae


Consolidation, Integration and Critical Mass Building – Optimising membrane function in the Clostridial ABE process


Interactions between mimetic bacterial membranes


Use of membrane complexes for the production of microalgal polysaccharides

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Bioenergy production from biorefineries waste using super yeasts


Viral antigen production for vaccine­‐mediated disease prevention by rational glyco-engineering­‐mediated protein secretion in a cell factory


Identification of membrane transporters of lignin monomers


Improving the tolerance of microbes to membrane-active solvents


Identifying and characterising protective lipid changes under solventogenic stress


Plants as nanoparticle producers

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Understanding & manipulation of peptide transporters using chemical & structural biology

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Using E.coli turgor pressure regulation to optimise product excretion and prevent unwanted cytoplasmic leakage


Membrane responses during industrially relevant high level protein production and secretion


A novel screen for product molecule compatibility with the production cell that accounts for intracellular toxicity