Opportunities for Collaboration: IN-PART: Focus on Biotechnology

Opportunities for Collaboration: IN-PART: Focus on Biotechnology

We are living through a revolution in biology. Researchers in universities triggered the shift in paradigm. They now drive the endeavour through developing the next-generation of tools, techniques, and methods that enable us to work with and utilise natural systems for the benefit of humankind. Within this fifth edition of IN-FOCUS are the latest innovations and expertise in biotechnology from university researchers who are committed to working with industry through IN-PART.

The enclosed opportunities to collaborate are available to businesses for commercialisation, co-development, licensing, and knowledge transfer. The technologies featured in IN-FOCUS are conceived in some of the world’s top universities. Importantly, these institutions highlight a growing awareness of the value and importance of industry collaboration. Enabling the community of technology transfer professionals are organisations such as PraxisUnico, Dehns and One Nucleus, who in this edition share their insights in feature editorials. Each university technology within this publication is signposted by the following symbol: ( ).

Further information can be found by following the hyperlinks in the digital edition, or through searching the associated keywords on IN-PART.com. It’s through our platform that you can access the latest university innovations across all technology sectors, and connect with the associated researchers via a personal introduction from our team.

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