2015 – SEPTEMBER: Cell Membrane Stress, Integrity and Engineering

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”The best part of this event was the breadth and depth of the presentations. The diversity of the CBMNet community was the strength of this meeting.”  Dr Oscar Ces, Imperial College London

”This event was great for learning what academic groups are doing and who has the capability and interest in developing collaborative programmes.” – Dr Doug Cossar, Croda

”As a first year PhD student working on membranes this event was a great opportunity to find out about the diverse research ongoing and this exposure will be helpful in addressing problems I will encounter during my next 4 years of my PhD” – Smitha Hegde, University of Edinburgh

27 CBMNet members attended the CBMNet ‘Cell Membrane Stress, Integrity and Engineering’ in September 2015 at The University of Sheffield. Of the attendees, 15% were from industry and 85% academics.

The aim of this meeting was to to bring together academic scientists with diverse interests in cell membrane stress, membrane engineering and membrane integrity, alongside industrial scientists who are interested in improving the robustness of whole-cell biocatalysts.

Key themes included:

• Membrane stress
• Lipidomics
• Membrane lipid balance
• Membrane lipid engineering / novel membrane lipids
• Membrane proteomics
• Techniques for analysing membranes

The event kicked off with presentations from academics. This was then followed by a dinner where networking took place and exciting novel research ideas developed. The second day saw presentations from industry followed by a discussion session where ideas for projects to develop in to potential applications for Proof-of-Concept funding and Business Interaction Voucher applications took place.

Event attendees rated the event on average 9.3 out of 10.

Projects that were funded as an outcome of this event:

University of Nottingham and Croda Europe Ltd: Business Interaction Voucher: Solid state NMR analysis of lipid/surfactant interactions

University of Lincoln and Green Biologics LtdL Proof of Concept funding: Identifying and characterising protective lipid changes under solventogenic stress


You can download the event presentations here.

”I thought the selection of talks was excellent. I came across people working in areas I would not normally meet and it was most stimulating.”  – Dr Anthony Baines, University of Kent

”The talks were really good. This is an area I would never have come to (with out CBMNet) and there are many areas for collaboration.” – Dr Rob Law, Imperial College London

”I really enjoyed the event and learnt a lot about different techniques and systems.” – Dr Sam Miller, University of Aberdeen