2016 – NOVEMBER: Introduction to Industrial Biotechnology – Short Course

CBMNet Introduction To Industrial Biotechnology – Short Course, November 14th to 17th 2016

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”The entire course was immensely useful and I will incorporate many of the suggestions and methodologies into future experimental work that I will carry out in my PhD. I thought the tours of both the CPI and the FijiFilm Diosynth facilities were very interesting and provided an insight into industrial work that is normally hard to get.”

Our 3 day CBMNet short course in IBBE provided 15 delegates with a foundation understanding of biological membranes, the role they play in IBBE and  on-site tours and practicals at The Centre of Process Innovation and Fujifilm Diosynth Biotechnologies. 

Day One saw the introduction of the science behind the CBMNet remit through a series of lectures and problem solving case studies, through close interaction with key academic speakers. This was followed by a tour of Middlesbrough Football Club and networking dinner.

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CBMNet take over the media centre at Middlesbrough FC. Up the ‘Boro!

”It was really enlightening to step out of the academic research laboratory and peer into the world of industrial process development and product manufacture.”

Day Two started with an introduction to the Centre for Process Innovation, followed by talks on Risk mitigated scale up for IBBE and then Metabolic engineering for IBBE. This was then followed by a tour of the CPI facilities.

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We then learnt about Scaleup/scale down strategies and devices, followed by High Throughput Development of Biorefinery processes. After this we headed to the CPI labs for some practical demonstrations on how to set up a bioreactor and high throughput screening. The day rounded up with a great meal at Al Forno.

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“The 3 days was an excellent way to get up-to-date information on current membrane biology techniques from a mixture of academic and industrial scientists. The site tours and practical demonstrations showed how the scale-up of processes from the lab bench to demonstration/pilot scale should be done”.

Day three took us to the Fujifilm Diosynth Biotechnologies in Billingham, where we had a tour of their process development and manufacturing facilities. This was followed by lecture and discussion about the challenges faced by Fuji relating to biological membranes. We rounded up the day with lab practicals analysing subcellular location of products in fermentation samples and additional site tours.

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“I felt refreshed after joining the course. Encountering a realistic but positive perspective to industrial biotechnology really boosted my attitude towards science, research and my future career.”

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You can view the Final agenda.

You can view the presentations from the event below:

Day One – Crossing Biological Membranes Lectures

Introductory presentation – Jeff Green

An Introduction to IBBE in the UK – Adrian Higson

Biological membranes: the basics and why they are important in Industrial Biotechnology – Jeff Green

Getting things in and out – mechanisms of solute transport across membranes and their applications in IBBE

Biophysical interactions of lipid membranes and biomanufactured chemicals – Lars Jeuken

Societal challenges, responsible research and innovation, and synthetic biology – Philip Shapira

Consolidated Bioprocessing – Gavin Thomas

Journal club – consolidated bioprocessing – Gavin Thomas

Molecular Biology Techniques Supporting IBBE – Jared Cartwright

Day Two – Case Study: The Centre for Process Innovation

Introduction to The Centre for Process Innovation

Risk mitigated scale-up of Industrial Bioprocesses – Robin Mitra

Metabolic engineering for Industrial Biotechnology – Adriana Botes

Scale up/scale down strategies and devices -Valentina Mangiafridda

High throughput Development of Bio-refinery Processes – Tosin Doherty

Day Three – Case Study: FujiFilm Diosynth Biotechnologies

Introduction to FujiFilm Diosynth Biotechnologies – Ian Hodgson

Challenges facing Fujifilm Diosynth Biotechnologies, in particularly relating to biological membranes, aspects of commercial manufacturing and IP, understanding of industrial processes and how they differ from lab scale – Ian Hodgson

”The practical sessions provided a rare insight into how industrial work is carried out and the type of things that are very important for doing experiments on and industrial scale, such as high throughput systems and disposable bioreactors etc. which are very different from academic labs.”