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Below are short biographies of scientists participating in our joint network Industrial Biotechnology Careers Fair. Use this information to help you decide who you would like to meet one-to-one, then fill in this Google Form so that we can allocate time slots. You will be asked to select all people that you would like to meet, as well as your top three choices; we will prioritise these three people when allocating slots. We cannot guarantee you will get to meet everyone you want to meet but we will do our best! If slots become full, they will be allocated on a first come-first served basis.

Alan Goddard | Lecturer in Biochemistry | Aston University

Dr Alan Goddard gained his BSc and PhD from the University of Warwick, both broadly speaking in the area of molecular biology. He then undertook two post-doctoral positions in the Department of Biochemistry at the University of Oxford before becoming a Lecturer and then Senior Lecturer at the University of Lincoln. In 2016, Alan left Lincoln to join Aston University where he is currently a lecturer in Biochemistry. His research interests include membrane proteins (mainly G protein-coupled receptors and transport proteins) as well as the lipid membranes in which they reside. Alan has a number of industrial collaborations including one with Green Biologics Ltd focusing on the toxicity of n-butanol to biological membranes in Clostridia. He currently coordinates two large EU-funded projects and a KTP and is involved in the recruitment of students, post-docs and academic staff.

Anna Gabbott | Senior Downstream Processing Scientist | FUJIFILM Diosynth Biotechnologies

Anna Gabbott is a Senior Downstream Processing Scientist who has been with Fujifilm for the last three years. Her role is to assist the Projects Leads with both the planning and running of experiments. Anna’s role at FUJIFILM is her first out of university.

Anthony Munn | Head of Operational Excellence | Lonza

Dr Antony Munn began his career as a graduate scientist in Cell Culture Process Development within Lonza. He is passionate about meeting customer needs through cell line creation, process development and contributing to cutting edge therapies. Ant was involved in a global drive to build new Lonza R&D facilities and has managed commercial development programs internationally. Throughout his career in Lonza he has lead and developed teams of scientists and has contributed significantly to talent development.

In recent years, as Head of Cell Culture Development, he focused on growing the business in Slough whilst maintaining high standards for quality and delivery. In his current role as Head of Operational Excellence, he is now leading the drive to embed OE principles and practices across the site

Catherine Gilmore | Strategy and Policy Officer | UKRI-BBSRC

Dr Catherine Gilmore is a strategy and policy officer for BBSRC, working on the Industrial Biotechnology and Bioenergy (IBBE) team. Catherine’s role includes managing and monitoring the Networks in Industrial Biotechnology and Bioenergy (NIBB), investigating emerging research areas in IBBE and contributing to strategic development of funding calls to support the research community. Catherine is happy to discuss working in strategy in BBSRC but also working in the research councils more generally, and the different opportunities available.

Francesco Falcioni | R&D Leader in Applied Biocatalysis | AstraZeneca

Dr Francesco Falcioni is a scientist and leader with 15 years’ experience in applied biocatalysis. His passion is to develop novel enzymatic processes in an application-driven setting, to achieve innovative chemistry and make a real impact on people’s lives. Francesco has an all-round knowledge of industrial biocatalysis, encompassing all stages from molecular biology to bioprocess development, thanks to the years spent working at the Deptartment of Bio-Chemical Engineering (TU Dortmund) on the FP7 EU project Oxygreen. He has since moved to industry and worked for both small and big enterprises, progressively developing an interest in commercial and management aspects. Francesco is currently Biocatalysis Leader at Astra Zeneca, the global, science-led biopharmaceutical company. His role is to identify and implement biocatalytic opportunities across the whole Early Chemical Development portfolio. His specialties include industrial biocatalysis, enzymatic processes, natural products fermentation, bio-process development and engineering, and project management.

Hazel Weir | Head of Scientific Business Development | Peak Proteins

Prior to joining Peak Proteins, Dr Hazel Weir’s previous role was with AstraZeneca where she worked in the Oncology research area as a team leader and lead biologist on a number of early stage drug discovery projects, some entering Phase I clinical trials.

Peak Proteins is a small, but rapidly growing, contract research organisation, which provides three key protein services: tailor-made protein reagents to support all stages of the drug discovery process; protein structure determination using X-ray crystallography; and protein mass spectrometry for detailed protein characterisation. Proteins are notoriously individual and complex reagents that require careful thought and handling from design of the specific protein to be generated, through to expression, purification and characterisation of the protein, to produce high quality, active protein reagents. We work collaboratively with our customers to come up with creative solutions to their protein challenges.

Ian Higgins | Analytical Scientist | Calysta

Dr Ian Higgins, CChem MRSC, is an analytical chemist with over 25 years’ experience in the chemical industry, employed as an analytical scientist with Calysta working in the biotechnology sector. Ian’s current work focuses on developing a fermentation process to produce a sustainable source of protein for animal feeds.

James Tanswell | Human Resources | Recruitment Partner for Lonza

James has over 20 years of experience working within FMCG/Manufacturing & Production with global brands, Blue Chips and SME’s throughout the UK, Europe and the United States.

Lonza Group is a Swiss multinational chemicals and biotechnology company, headquartered in Basel, with major facilities in Europe, North America and South Asia.

University of Sheffield logoJeff Green | Professor of Microbiology | University of Sheffield

Professor Jeff Green is a Professor of Microbiology at the University of Sheffield. His research interests lie in the transcriptional and physiological adaptation of microbes to changes in oxygen availability and other environmental and metabolic stresses. He is the Director of the BBSRC Network in Industrial Biotechnology and Bioenergy (NIBB) ‘Crossing Biological Membranes Network’ (CBMNet) that focuses on the transport of substances across biological membranes. Jeff has published over 120 research papers and reviews, been awarded ~£9 million grant funding and has a h-index of 48.

Jeremy Bartosiak-Jentys | Research & Technology Manager | Croda

After completing his degree in Biochemistry at Oxford, Jeremy carried out PhD and Post-Doc research at Imperial College London into bioethanol production from extremophiles. The work was sponsored by biotech start-up TMO Renewables. Upon finishing his Post-Doc, Jeremy joined the Centre for Process Innovation, part of the High Value Manufacturing Catapults. He looked after the research group working on several client projects, from biomass hydrolysis for nutraceutical extraction to microbial production of nylon intermediates.

In 2015 Jeremy joined ZuvaSyntha, an Industrial Biotechnology SME, as Research Manager. He was responsible for the teams carrying out customer projects including industrial deracemization of pesticides and the company’s proprietary research into recycling tyres to butadiene, a raw material that goes into synthetic rubber. The roller-coaster ride only lasted 9 months when the company failed to secure further funding.

Escaping back to the sanctity of a University, Jeremy joined the University of Bath initially as an Industrial Partnerships Manager and then took over managing the Research Commercialisation team. Working largely outside Biotech, he co-authored the SW & Wales Science & Innovation Audit, looked after the University patent strategy and helped in setting up spin-off companies.

Since June 2017 Jeremy has been Research Manager for Biotechnology at Croda working across the spectrum of new product discovery to process scale up. He manages several Open Innovation Grants with collaborators at UK and European Universities as well as working with Croda’s other biotechnology groups in France, Italy, Sweden and Canada.

Joanne Neary | Senior Technical Lead | Centre for Process Innovation (CPI)

Dr Joanne Neary is the Senior Technical Lead on commercial and CR&D projects at CPI, Wilton. She also manages a group of scientists working on all aspects of fermentation and downstream processes at laboratory and plant scale. Joanne has over 10 years’ experience in bioprocessing focused around lignocellulosic pre-treatment and hydrolysis, fermentation process development and strain characterisation for production of biofuels, bio-chemicals and natural products at laboratory and pilot plant scale. Her current focus is on process and capability development within CPI’s gas fermentation facility, particularly around products for the aquaculture market.

Johan Belfrage | Technical Development Manager | IBioIC

Johan is an enzyme technology scientist by training. He carried out his PhD at the Department of Biochemistry, Lund University in Sweden where he studied the mechanisms of enzymes hydrolysing pre-treated biomass into fermentable sugars. Following his PhD, Johan joined the biotechnology company Novozymes where he led R&D partner collaborations and joint development activities with the aim to develop both enzyme products and enzyme application processes for improved feasibility of biomass bio-refineries.

Johan relocated to Scotland in early 2016 and started as a Project Manager for a medical device company in Dundee before transitioning over to IBioIC in 2017 with a specific focus on business engagement to help the growth of the bioeconomy in Scotland by working with companies to raise awareness of biotechnology applications. More recently, his role has been to support the centre and its members in a technical capacity as well as manage funding activities within IBioIC.

Kirk Malone | MIB Commercial Director | University of Manchester

Dr Kirk Malone has extensive experience in university-business engagement, with an exceptional track record of securing funding for collaborative R&D (over £55M). As Director of Commercialisation for the Future Biomanufacturing Research Hub, his focus is to deliver research impact through translational activities and co-creation of programmes with industry. He has a breadth of multi-sector experience, including advanced materials, biotechnology, energy and pharmaceuticals.

Mandy Harding | Head of Molecular Microbiology | Green Biologics

Dr Mandy Harding has a BSc in Biochemistry and a PhD in Molecular Biology, both from the University of Aberdeen. She left academia in 2009 for a one-year graduate internship at Green Biologics Ltd, which led to her joining the company as a senior scientist in 2010. In 2017, she became the Head of Molecular Microbiology where her main role involves the development and use of proprietary GBL technology (CLEAVE™) in Clostridia to engineer existing metabolic pathways or introduce new genes that enable the microbes to convert waste feedstocks into useful chemicals. Mandy also oversees health and safety management of the UK team, coordinates the company apprenticeship programme and has been involved with multiple Innovate UK projects in both an advisory and management capacity. She has been a STEM ambassador since 2015 and is currently a member of the WISB scientific advisory board.

Nathan Fairhurst | Head of Chemistry | Green Biologics

Dr Nathan Fairhurst has a MChem in Chemistry with Industrial Experience from the University of Bath, where he also completed his PhD in Organic Chemistry. He spent a one-year placement with GlaxoSmithKline in their Medicinal Chemistry department as part of his undergraduate degree working on neuropathic pain. Part of his PhD was spent within the Process Chemistry team at AstraZeneca. Nathan left academia to take up a position at Abcam, where he was responsible for synthesizing complex biochemicals, and also designed and implemented new manufacturing techniques to bring product ranges in-house. Having joined Green Biologics in 2018, Nathan heads up the Chemistry team where he is working to expand the product portfolio and strengthen the interdisciplinary approach to research and development, providing creative solutions for commercial applications.

Reuben Carr | Head of Chemical Biology | Ingenza

Dr Reuben Carr is Head of Chemical Biology at Ingenza Ltd having previously gained a PhD under the supervision of Prof Nicholas Turner. He has been instrumental in the continued growth and prosperity of Ingenza from its early founding and spin out formation from the School of Chemistry, University of Edinburgh. Having served with Ingenza for over 14 years, he has pioneered and developed novel and bespoke biocatalytic manufacturing process to high value chemicals which have been successfully transferred to manufacturing partners across the globe. Currently he manages several of Ingenza’s key research contracts with end user chemical companies, which are targeting to deliver tomorrow’s biobased manufacturing routes that are scalable, sustainable and cost competitive.

Steve Durham | Staff Scientist (DSP) | FUJIFILM Diosynth Biotechnologies

Dr Steve Durham is an experienced operations manager with experience in the fields of molecular biology, protein purification and cGMP manufacture of biological medicines. I have extensive experience in the technical delivery and management of customer projects resulting in the cGMP manufacture of active pharmaceutical ingredients for Clinical Trials. I have led a significant change programme resulting in a new mode of lean operation of a cGMP production facility. My current employment is as a DSP Staff Scientist leading the purification component of Customer programmes leading to a cGMP manufacture of biological Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients.

Tithira Wimalasena | Senior Fermentation Scientist | Calysta

Dr Tithira Wimalasena is a Senior Scientist at Calysta responsible for small- to large-scale fermentation activities, including newly developed market introduction facilities located in Teesside, in northeast England. Calysta is developing and commercialising FeedKind® protein, a sustainable, traceable alternative feed ingredient for fish, livestock and pet nutritional products. Tithira has more than 15 years of experience in fermentation in different industrial backgrounds including brewing, biofuel and gas fermentation.

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