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  • GlobalAcorn Ltd was founded to make full use of leading edge nanotechnologies and biopharmaceutical agents created by Prof Andrew Miller (King’s College London) and key collaborators over 15 years of active academic research and a research investment of at least £20 million. These are being used to discover and develop advanced therapeutics and diagnostics that will address unmet medical needs in the treatment and management of chronic, high-burden diseases such as cancer, pain, diabetes, and infections.

    GlobalAcorn is unique in its capabilities to discover and develop advanced therapeutics and diagnostics owing to its Bio-Nano approach that makes use of nanoparticle delivery technologies to maximize the efficacy of biopharmaceutical agents for therapy and the potential of imaging agents for diagnostics, while minimizing required posology and side effects in virtually all cases. The Bio-Nano approach is also being extended into the discovery and development of companion diagnostics for disease detection/monitoring and image-guided therapies, technologies that are expected to make significant contributions towards new and future markets in stratified and personalized medicine.

    GlobalAcorn is actively seeking collaborations and opportunities to support research projects, all for mutual benefit.

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