Jen Vanderhoven – FUJIFILM Diosynth Biotechnologies

Vice President Global Business Change

What is your background and current job role?

As Vice President Global Business Change, I am responsible for developing the FDB growth strategy to ensure we meet our global vision, mission and business objectives. I ensure successful implementation of strategic initiatives and lead the Executive Leadership delivery planning to transform the business and meet the challenges of efficient and sustainable growth. I also oversee the day to day running of our Global Project Management Office, ensuring we have a global change delivery capability that is sufficient to support the activities required for long term business success.

Educated to PhD level in the field of biochemistry, I have a 12 year progressive career spanning both the commercial and higher education sectors, with significant experience in realizing challenging strategic visions and operational goals within large and complex environments. I have previously held roles in Business Development, Research Development, Sales and Marketing, and Management positions in the Manufacturing sector. My previous role before FDB was actually as CBMNet Manager!

What Industrial Biotechnology and Bioenergy related project is currently being undertaken by your organisation?

Fujifilm Diosynth Biotechnologies (FDB) provides process development and manufacturing services to the biopharmaceutical industry. Innovation activities take place on all three FDB sites (UK, North Carolina and Texas). In the UK our site at Billingham, is home to more than 250 scientists and engineers supporting activities including microbial and mammalian cell line construction, biologics process and analytical development and extensive characterisation services for products and processes that we operate for our customers. We believe continued innovation and adoption of new approaches and technologies have been key to our success, and will continue to be essential as we strive to realise our goal ‘to be the leading and most trusted global CDMO partner in the biopharmaceutical industry’.

What do you think the challenges related to this project are in the next 1-5 years?

Our cross-site global innovation activities cover many disciplines and include development of potentially disruptive technologies as well as incremental improvements to existing technology, leading to a defined step change.

FDB has three overarching FDB innovation themes that we see as essential for development in the coming years, based on a review of market and business needs: Dry Science to  use automation, robotics and predictive technologies to reduce the amount of wet, bench science required to meet project objectives; Manufacturing 2.0 to develop next generation manufacturing & testing technologies using smaller, more flexible, more automated facilities that are aligned across sites; New Biology to support emerging product types, synthetic manufacture and step out science.

How will the contacts made via CBMNet help you/your organisation in the future?

The UK’s strong science base in biopharmaceuticals and industrial biotechnology provides many groups who can support and augment our in-house innovation efforts.  Much of our innovation work is driven and resourced internally, or in collaboration with our suppliers or customers. However, FDB have historically also supported a significant number of external innovation projects including supporting PhD studentships, participating in Innovate UK-funded consortium projects, and standalone fee for service work with third party companies. Many of these contacts we have made through CBMNet activities.

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