Industrial Biotechnology at the Cell Membrane: “Membrane Engineering/Chemical Toxicity”

Industrial Biotechnology at the Cell Membrane is CBMNet’s end of network event. Held in Sheffield from 30 April – 2 May 2019, it focuses on four main themes associated with crossing biological membranes: Uptake, Efflux, Membrane Engineering/Chemical Toxicity and Protein Secretion.

The meeting is free for CBMNet members and there will be £50 Amazon vouchers to be won for best short talk and best poster! If you would like to be considered for the available short talk slots, then please submit an abstract when you register.

Session 2 will focus on “Membrane Engineering and Chemical Toxicity” and features:

  • Laura Jarboe – Iowa State University. Prof Jarboe’s group works on metabolic engineering, with a focus on understanding inhibition of biocatalyst growth and metabolism to direct rational engineering of chassis.
  • Andrew Yiakoumetti – University of Nottingham. Dr Yiakoumetti is based in the Sustainable Process Technologies Research Group at the University of Nottingham and works in the ConBioChem consortium for the bioproduction of platform chemicals in continuous fermentations.

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