Vacation Scholarships

**Vacation Scholarships are currently unavailable**


We are helping students carry out cutting edge research projects…

We provide scholarships for undergraduate students to carry out research projects of up to 10 weeks and which fall within the CBMNet remit.

The studentships provide support at a rate of £185 per week for a period of up to ten weeks. Consumable costs of up to £300 can also be requested. Please also note that CBMNet Vacation Scholarships will be funded at 80% fEC.

Preference will be given to projects with industrial involvement, with secondments in an industry laboratory encouraged. We also welcome applications that will develop outreach and policy activities.

Applicants must be Network members and lead applicants must be eligible for BBSRC fundingAll applicants should read the guidelines below, before starting their application. Applications are encouraged from areas that match our remit.

Please note that applications are subject to the Proof-of-concept funding guidelines and will be assessed as per these guidelines – Please read our CBMNet Proof of Concept Guidelines before applying.

Each applicant (project supervisor) may apply for sponsorship of one student candidate per annum. The host institution is responsible for providing adequate facilities and ensuring that all necessary requirements of regulatory authorities are in place before work begins and are maintained for the duration of the grant. The project supervisor is responsible for the conduct of the research. Studentships will not be awarded for projects that are part of degree work. Once an award has been offered, it cannot be transferred to another student.

Monies will be transferred to the host institution in arrears after submission of a brief report and financial statement, which must be provided within one month of completion of the project, as per the CBMNet Proof of Concept Report Guidelines.

Applications will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Relevance to the remit of CBMNet
  • Scientific merit of the work and feasibility of the research as an undergraduate project
  • Educational value for the student
  • Suitability of the student candidate to undertake the proposed work
  • Industrial involvement

To apply, please complete the CBMNet Vacation Scholarship Application form and email it to

For more information please contact us.