Proof of Concept Funding

**Proof of Concept Funding is currently unavailable**


A major activity for the network is to encourage the formation of, and then support, selected new multi-disciplinary teams to develop innovative solutions to overcome transport-related Industrial Biotechnology and Bioenergy (IBBE) bottlenecks.  A key component of this aspect of the network is the provision of Proof-of-Concept funding to allow consortia to generate the preliminary information required to establish the feasibility of their proposed approaches, with the target of generating competitive bids to other relevant funding calls. e.g. Innovate UK, H2020, BBI, BBSRC LINK.

Calls are made for Proof-of-Concept funds (£5,000-£50,000 per project) to be allocated following specific competition calls and creative (sandpit style) events for CBMNet members.

Applicants must be Network members and lead applicants must be eligible for BBSRC funding. All applicants should read the CBMNet Proof of Concept Guidelines, and CBMNet Proof of Concept Report Guidelines, before starting their application. Applications are encouraged from areas that match our remit.

Applications must be directly related to Industrial Biotechnology or Bioenergy (IBBE). BBSRC defines IBBE as: The use of biological resources (including plants, algae, marine life, fungi and micro-organisms) for producing and processing materials, chemicals and energy.

Please note individual Proof-of-Concept projects should not last longer than 12 months.

Application process

Please complete the CBMNet Proof of Concept Application Form. The application form includes:

  1. Applicant(s) details: 
    Partner (s): name, position, university/ company, address, e-mail and telephone.
  2. Project description and Public description of project
    This information may be used by CBMNet or the BBSRC for public dissemination if the award is funded.
  3. Key deliverables
    Details of the work proposed, clearly defined project milestones and deliverables and relevance to the scope of the CBMNet.
  4. Impact and commercial potential
    Details of how the proposed work will lead to impact and commercial potential.
  5. Ethical and social considerations
    Statement on whether there are any ethical or social considerations in the proposed work and how these will be dealt with.  If relevant, details of how economic, environmental and social impacts of the proposed research will be considered.
  6. Finances
    Detailed expenditure breakdown of the project and brief justification; the following outline table should be used.

Summary Fund HeadingFund HeadingTotal Award @100%
Directly IncurredStaff
Travel and Subsistence
Other Costs
Directly AllocatedInvestigators
Estate Costs
Other Directly Allocated
Indirect Costs

Any financial and in-kind contributions from each partner should be listed in this section.

Applicants should declare if they are aware of any reason why any individual on the CBMNet Management Board or Executive Group should not review the proposal.

Submission of applications and further information

The applicant should complete the application form and in addition the lead applicant must submit their CV (no more than 2 sides of A4) AND a letter of support from the applicant’s University confirming acceptance of the 80% FEC rate. A support letter from the industrial partner(s) should also be supplied.

Applications should be emailed to; all applications will be acknowledged within three working days.  Any enquiries should also be addressed to

Details on the evaluation process are in the CBMNet Proof-of-Concept guidelines.