Industrial-Academic Exchange Grants

**Industrial-Academic Exchange Grants are currently unavailable**


We can help you with knowledge transfer…

Our industrial-academic exchange grants are to support the development of new teams to transfer knowledge from academia to industry and vice versa. For example, grants can be used for a CBMNet member to visit another member or for CBMNet members to accompany a specialist to a conference. 

We invite our members to apply for up to £1,000 per grant.

Applications must be directly related to industrial biotechnology or bioenergy (IBBE) and within the CBMNet Remit. BBSRC defines IBBE as: The use of biological resources (including plants, algae, marine life, fungi and micro-organisms) for producing and processing materials, chemicals and energy.

To apply for a one of our industrial-academic exchange grants please complete the CBMNet-industrial-academic exchange grant application form.