Business Interaction Vouchers

**Business Interaction Vouchers are currently unavailable**


Funding to help academia and industry collaborate…

This scheme offers up to £10,000 to academics to carry out work within the CBMNet remit with an industrial partner (contribution up to £10,000 in cash or in kind) who are members of CBMNet and eligible for BBSRC funding.

The industrial partner’s contribution will be at least the value of the voucher in cash or in-kind contribution.  Projects will last for six months maximum.

Funds will support a collaboration that can be any defined piece of work by an academic partner for an industrial partner.  New collaborations will be prioritised; but existing collaborations are acceptable. Just some examples of the way this funding could be used are: to help build confidence between new partners; to provide consumable funds for a specific piece of work; to support an undergraduate to work on a specific project during the summer vacation; to carry out a literature review.

Applications must be directly related to industrial biotechnology or bioenergy (IBBE). BBSRC defines IBBE as: The use of biological resources (including plants, algae, marine life, fungi and micro-organisms) for producing and processing materials, chemicals and energy.

For further information please read our CBMNet BIV Operational Guidelines and CBMNet BIV Report Guidelines.

BIV awards should focus attention on UK based partners where there is benefit to the UK research base and the UK economy.  In exceptional circumstances, where there is not a UK company to exploit the research a BIV may be awarded to an overseas partner company.  The application should provide a clear justification for working with an overseas partner company and outline how the project will lead to building international collaborations, how the project will be taken forward leading to inward investment and the benefit back to the UK.

Application process

Applications can be submitted by either partner but only one form is required per project.
Please complete the CBMNet BIV Application form. The application form includes:

  1. Applicant details: 
    Academic partner: name, position, University, address, e-mail and telephone
    Industrial partner: name, position, Company, address, e-mail and telephone
  2. Aims of the project:
    Details of the work proposed, clearly defined project deliverables and their value to the industrial partner, benefits to the partnership.
  3. Finances:
    Detailed expenditure breakdown of the project and brief justification; financial and in-kind contributions from each partner.

Submission of applications and further information

Decisions will be communicated to applicants within two weeks of funding calls closing.

Applications are to be submitted by e-mail to; all applications will be acknowledged. Any enquiries should also be addressed to