CBMNet and BIOCATNET: Import and Export of Small Molecules for Biocatalysis

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Date(s) - 12/09/2017 - 13/09/2017
10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Waldorf Astoria

CBMNet and BIOCATNET: Import and Export of Small Molecules for Biocatalysis

Waldorf Astoria, Edinburgh, UK.

Biochemists and microbiologists have long seen biocatalysis as an area with great promise for chemical synthesis, but industrial applications have been modest. However, significant challenges occur when substrate and product cannot be easily imported and exported from the cell. This event brings together academic scientists with diverse interests in the import and export of small molecules, alongside industrial scientists who are interested in improving the robustness of whole-cell biocatalysts.

Participants will have the opportunity to give a 5 minute flash presentation.

REGISTER NOW – Places are limited to 70. This event is free to attend and accommodation is also free.

This event is FREE to attend for CBMNet and BIOCATNET members.

Draft Agenda:

Time Activity Talk Title Speaker
Day One – Tuesday 12th September
10.00am Registration    
10.30am Welcome CBMNet and BioCatNet  
10:45am Plenary Structure, Assembly And Function Of Cell Membrane Components William Dowham, The University of Texas
11.30am Keynote Computational Biochemistry of Membrane Proteins and Pathways Phillip Stansfeld, University of Oxford
12.15noon 20 min talk + 5 Q&A Structural basis for the ins and outs of peptide transport across bacterial membranes Konstantinos Beis, Imperial College London
12.40pm 20 min talk + 5 Q&A Transitioning from feasibility to commercial viability in sustainable biobased chemical manufacturing Reuben Carr, Ingenza
13.05pm Lunch    
14.00pm Flash presentations 8 x 5 mins    
15.00pm Break    
15.15pm Summary to date    
15.30pm Break out for discussions    
16.30pm Summary discussions    
17.30pm Close    
18.30pm Drinks    
19.30pm Dinner    
Day Two – Wednesday 13th September
09.15am Welcome CBMNet and BioCatNet  
09.30am Keynote Encapsulating material in nanocontainers for biotechnological applications Beppe Battaglia, UCL
10.15am Flash presentations 8 x 5 mins    
11.15am Break    
11.30am 20 min talk + 5 Q&A TBC TBC
11.55am 20 min talk + 5 Q&A Whole cell biotransformations: dead or alive Andrew Collis, GSK
12.20pm Summary    
12.30pm Lunch and Networking    
14.30pm Close    

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