ESRC Nexus Network Launched – £500K funding available

BBSRC would like to draw your attention to the recent launch of the ESRC Nexus Network.


The ESRC Nexus Network is a three year initiative that brings together researchers, policy makers, business leaders and civil society to develop collaborative projects and improve decision making on the linked ‘nexus’ domains of food, energy, water and the environment. The Nexus Network is being co-ordinated by a team from the University of Sussex, University of East Anglia and the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership.


The Nexus Network cuts across topics of food, energy, water and the environment and has funding of £500K to provide grants for pilot projects and ideas which can address the interconnected challenges of the nexus.  In this context the term energy is to some extent related to feedstock demand on land, including not just the physical area but also the various associated impacts.  IB needs feedstocks, some of which (and not just for energy) will involve demand on land, water and the environment.


While the Nexus Network singles out energy, for the reasons above you may wish to consider the impact of all Industrial Biotechnology processes (and feedstocks) on this nexus.  One key objective of your BBSRC NIBB is to include and engage with the environmental and social science aspects relevant to IBBE and interaction with this ESRC Nexus Network could enable you, in part, to do this.


Further information relating to the Nexus Network can be found at

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