Corporate Stakeholder Research report 2016

BBSRC publishes ‘Corporate Stakeholder Research report 2016’

In October 2016 the BBSRC commissioned ComRes to undertake research to gauge stakeholder perceptions of the organisation and measure any change in attitudes since 2014, when an initial wave of benchmarking research was conducted.

The overall aim of this research was twofold: to help BBSRC understand how it is perceived externally, and assess our performance since the 2014 benchmarking research.

Within this, the specific objectives were:

  • Measuring BBSRC success in increasing engagement with key stakeholders over time in delivering key objectives set out in our corporate communications and engagement strategy
  • Giving a clear picture of how key stakeholders currently view their relationships with BBSRC
  • Identifying areas where current relationships can be developed, strengthened and maintained
  • Understanding why key stakeholders want to engage with BBSRC and what deliverables they expect from us
  • Identifying areas where attitudes have shifted and understand how BBSRC activities have affected this
  • Identifying other stakeholders with which BBSRC should be better connected

You can view the results of the research here.

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