Calling all Undergraduates and PhD Students

Calling all Undergraduates and PhD Students – CBMNet needs you!

At CBMNet we are looking to boost our student membership. We have several funding streams available for Early Career Scientists:

One of the hallmarks of CBMNet is the commitment to promoting IBBE to early career scientists through our Vacation Scholarship Scheme. To date we have supported 7 undergraduates in projects as diverse as ‘Enhancing industrial succinate production in Corynebacterium glutamicum’ and ‘Designing a new coat for E. coli’. We strongly believe that this scheme is a vital component in raising the profile of IBBE amongst the next generation of bio-scientists. This early exposure to the sector, and in particular the role that membrane function has on IBBE processes, will hopefully translate into attracting new talent to the UK IBBE sector and we will continue to offer these awards in 2016. Data generated from several of these scholarships have already been used to secure PhD funding and further Proof-of-Concept funding.

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