Business Interaction Voucher Awarded

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Business Interaction Voucher Awarded

We are pleased to announce we have awarded a Business Interaction Voucher to Professor Errington, Newcastle University, and Dr Mark Blight from Biocatalysts Limited, evaluating recombinant enzyme production extra-cellularly in Bacillus subtilus.

The major challenge faced by enzyme manufacturers is to produce commercial yields of a wide variety of enzymes in recombinant production strains. Secretion of recombinant enzymes from a production strain is of particular interest for commercial production of enzymes, as it facilitates the downstream processing and product formulation. The aim of this project between Biocatalysts and Prof. Jeff Errington’s group (University of Newcastle) is to evaluate the production (secretion) of a wide range of recombinant enzymes using Bacillus subtilis. This will provide an insight for Biocatalysts and additional knowledge for the University of Newcastle as to which type of proteins can be produced and secreted when using Bacillus subtilus as an expression strain.


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