Bioscience Big Ideas Pipeline

UKRI-BBSRC has just launched the ‘Bioscience Big Ideas Pipeline’, a pilot programme through which they aim to engage with their broad research and innovation community in a quest to identify adventurous and exciting ideas that have the potential to be transformational. BBSRC are looking for ideas that will capture the imagination of researchers, the public, industry and government.

The Bioscience Big Ideas Pipeline is not a call for proposals, but a chance to participate in a visioning exercise to help identify the next generation of potential research and innovation priorities. The process is designed to capture and review exciting community-led ideas to inform the development of future research and innovation strategy and this in turn could potentially attract investment or lead to support for community activities. The Bioscience Big Ideas Pipeline is an opportunity to contribute to UKRI-BBSRC’s vision ‘to push back the frontiers of biology to deliver a healthy, prosperous and sustainable future’.

Read more about the Bioscience Big Ideas Pipeline here.

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