BBSRC Delivery Plan 2019

Building on the Forward Look for UK Bioscience, published in 2018, BBSRC’s Delivery Plan 2019 sets out how BBSRC will drive forward an ambitious vision for UK bioscience and contribute to the delivery of UK Research and Innovation’s (UKRI) objectives. The plan is structured around three high-level objectives and eight research and innovation priorities:

Advancing the frontiers of bioscience discovery

Understanding the rules of life: Promoting creative, curiosity-driven frontier bioscience to address fundamental questions in biology

Transformative technologies: Developing tools, technologies and approaches that enable researchers to push the boundaries of discovery and stimulate innovation

Tackling strategic challenges

Bioscience for sustainable agriculture and food: Delivering more productive, healthy, resilient and sustainable agriculture and food systems

Bioscience for renewable resources and clean growth: Transforming industries through bio-based processes and products in a new low-carbon bioeconomy

Bioscience for an integrated understanding of health: Improving human and animal health and wellbeing across the life course

Building strong foundations

People and talent: Attracting and developing a flexible, diverse workforce for modern bioscience

Infrastructure: Ensuring the bioscience community can access the facilities, resources and services it needs

Collaboration, partnership and knowledge exchange: Enabling collaborations across disciplines, organisations and national boundaries

Delivery plans for all of UKRI are available here

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